Dissemination in today’s market!

Could you make a video about you and your research?

CHESS believes in giving the ESRs a broad range of learning opportunities both in research and in transferrable skills.  One area of transferrable skills that is particular important is around dissemination and communication.

The use of social media and the ability to promote themselves, research, services or products through different channels is so significant in today’s job market, that the ability to present visually is becoming more and more important.  Therefore we set all the ESRs  a small challenge to complete a short video on their first 365 days in the CHESS project.  Thereby also giving all ESRs the necessary time to reflect on their achievements and own personal journey in their first year in CHESS.

All of the ESRs rose to the challenge and over the coming weeks, through the CHESS website and social media, we will share all of the videos with you.  The different approaches and techniques used by the ESRs to communicate through video has been superb.

Well done CHESS ESRs.

Latest Video from CHESS ESRs

Michael Persson, ESR15, OULU

Winner of the Video Competition!

Rob Argent, ESR2 won 1st prize in the CHESS video competition

Videos from the other CHESS ESRs

Estefanía Guisado, ESR1, UCD

Guido Giunti, ESR3, Salumedia

Yasaman Sadeghi, ESR4, GEM

Kristina Livitckaia, ESR5, AUTH

Vasiliki Mylonopoulou, ESR6, Oulu

Caoimhe Bennis, ESR7, UCD

Ghalib Janjua, ESR8, Ulster University

Rohit Hadia, ESR9, Ulster University

Casandra Grundstrom, ESR10, Oulu University

Violeta Gaveikaite, ESR11, Philips

Neva Bojovic Zec, ESR12, GEM

Cecilia Lee, ESR13, UCD

Vidya Oruganti, ESR14, GEM