Connected health & proactive wellbeing:value co-creation

 A progress report on the case study of value co-creation practices in LahiTapiola

by ESR15  Michael Persson 


Value co-creation is a part of the value creation process from the point of view of service-dominant logic, in which the service provider and the service customer enter into a synergistic exchange of resources to co-create value by co-designing the service. In this case study, the author set out to learn about the value creation-related practices and policies of an insurance company in the process of shifting into a more proactive role of digital health service provision. The study consists of four hour-long semi-structured interviews with four employees of the insurance company, each working towards facilitating the shift in different departments and capacities. The initial results of the study seem to suggest a general understanding of the benefits of including the service customer into the service development, as well as a fairly service-aligned mindset. The practices, however, are mostly spoken about in terms of software development methodology, and there is a lack of consensus regarding the attitudes of, and perceptions about, the service beneficiaries. The contribution of this study is a clearer picture of the contemporary practices and properties of a large-scale service provider in the process of change. Moving forward, the author suggests investigating possible ecosystem-wide implementations of service design frameworks, as well as possible ICT solutions to facilitate for remote co-design.

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