Summer School 12 – 16th June 2017

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Thank you to all our speakers:

Keynote: Prof Brian Caulfield, UCD

Dr Tara Cusack, UCD

Prof Susi Geiger, UCD

Dr Luis Fernandez Luque, Salumedia

Dr Sofia Ouhbi, Universidad de Murcia

ESR1 Estefania Guisado Fernandez

Thank you to

University of Oulu Liinamaa campus, Finland

for hosting the CHESS Summer School

Presentation by Dr Luis Fernandez Luque, Salumedia

Presentation by Prof Susi Geiger, UCD

Thank you to

Casandra, Vasiliki and Michael (Marie Curie Fellows), Oulu

for the great organisation, dissemination and novel ways for promoting the project.