Early Stage Researchers

Early Stage Researchers 2017-09-29T13:16:36+01:00

CHESS brings together 18 partner organisations from 8 European countries, including universities, industry and healthcare providers, to redesign researcher education for connected health.

Estefanía Guisado
Estefanía GuisadoESR1 - Hosted by UCD
Estefanía Guisado is the CHESS ESR involved in the Project “Caregiver control platform of multimorbid disease management”, focused on dementia patients …
Rob Argent
Rob ArgentESR2 - Hosted by the Beacon
Rob will be an Early Stage Researcher in the use of patient-controlled technology to support Orthopaedic Rehabilitation. His background as a Chartered Physiotherapist makes him ideally placed …
Guido Giunti
Guido GiuntiESR3 Hosted by Salumedia
Medical Doctor and eHealth specialist experienced in Healthcare Innovation. Clinical Informatics Research fellow at the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires with internationally distinguished projects…
Yasaman Sadeghi
Yasaman SadeghiESR4 Hosted by GEM
Yasaman is an Early Stage Researcher hosted by Grenoble Ecole de Management in Grenoble, France. Holding a bachelors’ degree in Biomedical Engineering and an MBA…
Kristina Livitckaia
Kristina LivitckaiaESR5 - Hosted by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Kristina is a young interdisciplinary researcher with several educational backgrounds and self-made decision that her life will…
Vasiliki Mylonopoulou
Vasiliki MylonopoulouESR6 - Hosted by University of OULU
Vasiliki is an early stage researcher placed in University of Oulu.
Her research area in the CHESS program is data visualization in
combination …
Caoimhe Bennis
Caoimhe BennisESR7 Hosted by UCD
Since receiving her BSc in Physiotherapy from UCD in 2009, Caoimhe has worked as a physiotherapist in the clinical and research setting…
Ghalib Janjua
Ghalib JanjuaESR8 Hosted by University of Ulster
Ghalib Janjua is an Early Stage researcher involved in the development of non-invasive continuous cuff-less blood pressure monitoring systems.
Rohit Hadia
Rohit HadiaESR9 Hosted by University of Ulster
Rohit is Early Stage Researcher based at Ulster University, UK. He is working on developing advanced algorithm to detect the Atrial Fibrillation from ECG.
Casandra Grundstrom
Casandra GrundstromESR10 Hosted by University of Oulu
Casandra is an ESR for CHESS at the University of Oulu in Finland under the supervision of Minna Isomursu and Karin Väyrynen…
Violeta Gaveikaite
Violeta GaveikaiteESR11 Hosted by Philips
Violeta balances her public health and statistical backgrounds to tackle interdisciplinary challenges in healthcare …
Neva Bojovic Zec
Neva Bojovic ZecESR12 Hosted by GEM
Neva is part of the Business Model and Strategy team at Grenoble Ecole de Management …
Anna Yankulova
Anna YankulovaESR13 Hosted by UCD
Anna Yankulova is an Early Stage Researcher currently analysing open innovation and partnering strategies in pharmaceutical markets.
She holds a MSc in International Accounting and a BBA from the University of Turin, Italy. After graduating in 2013, she joined the multinational professional services…
Vidya Oruganti
Vidya OrugantiESR14 Hosted by GEM
Vidya is an Early Stage Researcher with CHESS, funded by the European Union under Horizon 2020 that brings forth a unique mix of interdisciplinary research and training…
Michael Persson
Michael PerssonESR15 Hosted by University of Oulu
Michael is an early stage researcher (ESR) for CHESS based out of the University of Oulu, Finland. His topic of research is value co-creation in Connected Health services…